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Leverage the wide adoption of a solution already used in agencies all over the world.

Have confidence in a proven solution published in thousands of research journals.

Standardize workflows anywhere in your organization.

Easily train new users on a single, intuitive application.

Gain support for all major microscope vendors file formats.

Improve the dependability of your imaging results while retaining traceability.

Natural Resources


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Determining the number of plants in a field or a nursery provides important information on inventory and crop yields. Instead of counting by hand or making an estimate, determine specific numbers of plants and report them in a consistent fashion using a variety of Image-Pro's agriculture image processing and analysis techniques.​

Requires: 2D Automated Analysis Module

Aerial & Remote Sensing Analysis

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Numerous image processing and analysis features are included within Image-Pro for the interpretation of aerial and remote sensing images, including the ability to seamlessly stitch images together to form high resolution mosaics.

Requires: Image-Pro base product

Otolith Detection & Analysis

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With a few simple steps detect, measure, and edit otolith and scale growth lines. The annotated growth marks can be saved for documentation and the corresponding data can be included with an image analysis report or exported to Excel.​


Requires: 2D Automated Analysis Module


App: Otolith OR Otolith M

Security, Law Enforcement & Forensics

Ballistics​ &
Tool Marks

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Perform efficient side-by-side comparison and analysis of images using either the Live Image Compare View or comparison of previously acquired images.

Requires: 2D Automated Analysis Module

Fiber Analysis

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Measure both the thickness and orientation of fibers using optical or backscatter/secondary electron microscopy images.


Requires: 2D Automated Analysis Module & Materials Protocol Collection


Protocol: Fiber Thickness

Fingerprint Analysis

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A common issue in fingerprint identification is the obstruction of useful fingerprints by periodic noise. The periodic noise pattern, in the form of lines, dots, or even a mesh fabric pattern may be minimized or removed using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) feature included in Image-Pro. The pattern, once identified and marked, can be removed from the image to reveal the fingerprint detail.​

Requires: Image-Pro base product

Life Sciences

Cellular Analysis for Identification, Prevention, & Cure of Disease​

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Use a wide array of capabilities geared towards cellular analysis, life science research, and understanding the relationships of microscope specimens. Image-Pro analysis assists with seeking out cause, diagnosis, prevention, and cure of human diseases, further understanding of growth and development, and effects of environmental contaminants.​

Requires: 2D Automated Analysis Module & Cell Biology OR Cell Biology Plus Protocol Collections

Deconvolution of Fluorescent Sets

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Restore image fidelity, enhance quality, and reverse distortions introduced during the image acquisition process.

Requires: AutoQuant Deconvolution Module


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Measure the growth and diameter of fluorescently labeled blood vessels, which plays a critical role in the growth of cancer because solid tumors need a blood supply.

Requires: 2D Automated Analysis Module & Cell Biology Plus Protocol Collection

Protocol: Angiogenesis

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