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With machine learning segmentation and classification, research pathology labs can identify disease causes and treatments more quickly and easily.

With Image-Pro, research pathologists get a range of tools for acquiring images, opening multi-resolution Virtual Slide files, and identifying, quantifying and classifying nuclei, membranes, or areas of stained tissue. Custom workflows may be created and saved for future use.

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Percent Area Staining

Cell Classification

Microglia / Brain Tissue Analysis

Color Deconvolution

Whole Slide Image Analysis

Machine Learning (Smart Segmentation)

Percent Area Staining

The analysis of stained tissue presents many unique challenges such as even illumination of the imaging device, consistency in tissue staining, or consistency in tissue thickness – any of which may affect the image quality.

Using machine learning-based Smart Segmentation, Image-Pro may be quickly trained to identify stained tissue areas in a reliable and repeatable manner.

Cell Classification

The analysis of stained tissue present, cells and nuclei is simplified using machine learning to find the cells of interest in samples such as Ki-67 and others.

Once the cells have been located, they may be classified based on the Learning Classification feature where the user trains the system to properly classify the cell population.

Microglia / Brain Tissue

Fibers are used in a variety of Scientists and researchers who are looking for functions like microscopy image analysis prefer our brain tissue image analysis software and capture module tools.

Color Deconvolution

A common issue is the analysis of multiple stains which may be superimposed over one another. In some cases, traditional color segmentation techniques and even machine learning based segmentation of the stained tissue may be difficult. To address these issues, the Color Deconvolution App is available to extract individual stains from a color image into separate images, which may be easily quantified. 

Simply extract one of the appropriate predefined stains or create your own stain profiles when required.

Whole Slide Image Analysis

Analyzing tissue from slide scanners, which generate large multi-gigabyte files, are normally larger than available memory to display or analyze. Image-Pro supports many slide scanners and pyramidal file formats.

In addition to being able to open and display the whole slide scan, a number of Apps have been developed to support the markup and extraction of specific areas or to markup and analyze the regions by whole slide image analysis.

Machine Learning
(Smart Segmentation)

When using multiple stains is required, traditional segmentation methods are unable to resolve multiple colors with any degree of accuracy.

Using machine learning for image analysis based Smart Segmentation, Image-Pro may be quickly trained to identify stained tissue areas in a reliable and repeatable manner.

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