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Microscopy, Evolved.

From supercharged multi-channel capture to protocol-driven analysis, Image-Pro is designed to optimize every workstation in your imaging lab.

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Connect every aspect of your imaging workflow using a single solution

Easily capture, process, measure, analyze, report, automate, and share images and insights with today’s most advanced scientific image analysis platform.

Base Features

Image Management & Display

Image Management & Display

Open, display, and manage nearly any image and linked data.

Processing & Adjustments

Processing & Adjustments

Use a range of filters and editors to make images analysis-ready.



Software designed to improve your productivity, not slow you down.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Data Analytics & Reporting

Automatically compile data from a series of images, review & report.

Auditing & Authentication

Auditing & Authentication

Ensure authenticity of images by tracking usage & logging changes.



Automate routine tasks with macros or the built-in scripting language.

2D Measurements

2D Measurements

Extract precise measurement data from your images with ease.

2D Automated Analysis

2D Automated Analysis

Evolve your segmentation & classification using ML-based protocols.

2D Capture

2D Capture

Measure in real time or capture image & video from 150+ devices.

3D Visualization & Analysis

3D Visualization & Analysis

Perform complex, multi-dimensional analysis using familiar tools.

AutoQuant Deconvolution

AutoQuant Deconvolution

Get clearer fluorescent images with repeatable, quality results.

License Server

License Server

Easily and securely distribute software licenses to your teams.

Optional Modules

Base Features

Image Management & Display

A view for every file dimension

Multi-dimensional sets, 3D stacks, & Time-lapse

Large slide scanner sets & Tiled mosaics

Multi-Well Plate sets & Plate navigation


65+ supported file types

Metadata & Calibrations

Read all natively saved metadata from image capture

Save optical lens and fluorescent dye characteristics

Read saved spatial calibration data for scale bars

Auto-calibrate from a micrometer slide when needed

Intelligent Overlays

Draw ROIs to limit processing to specific pixels

Apply calibrated grids for easy comparison

Annotate any image with text & arrows

Processing & Adjustments

Unrivaled Tiling & Stitching

Auto Tile based on meta-data or manually arrange

Stitch overlapping pixels for seamless final mosaics

Shade correct the individual images & whole mosaic

Colorize Mono Images

Pseudo-color & tint monochrome images with dye colors, color spectrum, wavelength, or palette colors

Extract channels from color images or build color composites from multi-channel image sets

color tint

Enhance with Advanced Filters

Build High Dynamic Range (HDR) images

Apply morphological, enhancement, & edge filters

Remove patterns with Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT)

Z Stack Alignment & EDF

Align image Z stacks – great for electron & stereo microscope captures

Use Extended Depth of Field (EDF) on optical stacks to build an in-focus composite


Enjoy Flexible Licensing

Manage all your licenses using a new online account


Link any license to a computer without a USB dongle


Optionally link to a License Server or USB dongle as needed

Quickly Find Files & Topics

Search for Help files & Recent items with a click


Dock the new Help panel to keep guidance within reach


Activate Dynamic Help to auto-display relevant topics


Train users quickly with written & video documentation

Take Control of your Layout

Turn on Dark Mode for low-light environments


Save Layouts from the new accessible Layout Menu


Customize toolbars, ribbons, views, & panels per user

Populate a custom ribbon with unique tools

Data Analytics & Reporting

Data Collection & Display

Collect measurements or metadata from one or multiple images using any data source

Compile measurement/analysis data as it happens using AutoCollect

Use flexible tables with renaming, sorting, filtering, & grouping by class or measurement

Show statistics per measurement, per table, or for grouped classes

Data Analytics & Export

Choose from 40+ measurements to use for filters & analytics

Export from Data Collector to a custom report, Microsoft Excel, CSV, or text file

Review collected data using line graphs, bar graphs, scatterplots, 3D plots, pie charts, & heat maps

Flexible Report Creation

Create reports with a graphical drag-and-drop editor

Format text, images, data tables, & graphs, margins, columns, colors, & more

Add table of contents, captions, tables figures, header/footer, & text boxes

Save reports as reusable templates or to PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, or rich text

Auditing & Authentication

Track user actions across the entire application

Track across multiple sessions & over time

Monitor changes per image using image audit trails

Check “authenticity” with image & file signatures


Easy Macro recording (record as you click)

Scripting with simplified graphical or code views

Intelligent scripting editor with command recognition

Macro Batch Processing on multiple images or folders

Optional Modules

Optional Modules

2D Measurements

Extract precise measurement data from your images with ease. From the research lab to the manufacturing floor, our semi-automated measurement tools enable fast and accurate free-form image measurement.

Ensure accurate data with assisted drawing

Automatically classify similar objects

Perform CIE L*a*b* color measurements

2D Automated Analysis

Analyze images with confidence knowing you can leverage Protocols for repeatable routine analysis or Free-Form Segmentation for max flexibility.

40+ protocols across 3 unique collections


Support for images, sites, or wells


Trainable ML-based Smart Segmentation

User-guided Learning Classification

2D Capture

Capture images and video from 150+ fully integrated and tested devices. Control every detail of live preview, measurement, and capture.

Live HDR capture, tiling, & EDF

Live measurements & live image compare

Multi-channel image set capture


Real-Time Deconvolution


3D Visualization & Analysis

Unleash a new level of Image Visualization & Analysis for your research. See your 3D/4D volumes in stunning detail or record complex movements with the built-in Movie Maker.

View terabyte-sized volumes

Slice through layers & see objects

Measure directly or use segmentation

Tackle complex samples with familiar tools

AutoQuant Deconvolution


Don’t live with blur and noise that compromises image quality. Restore fidelity and enhance the quality of images that have undergone distortions from optical limitations.

Now available in Image-Pro


Get set-up faster with a streamlined dialog


Save time with built-in GPU acceleration


License Server

Set up and administer your licenses across a local network with ease. IT admins love this module for its secure license control and options for running licenses over VPN and Virtual Machines.

Share floating licenses on your local network

Reserve workstation licenses with ease


Easily manage all linked licenses

illustration of licenses across labs

Focused imaging solutions for industries
where quality and accuracy matter

Life Sciences


Materials Science

Natural Resources



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Protocols for automated image analysis


Multi-Channel Capture


Real-Time Deconvolution for Capture


AutoQuant Deconvolution for 2D & 3D


3D Big Data Visualization Module


Network Licensing model


L*a*b Color Measurements


3D Visualization & Analysis Modules


Machine-Learning based Learning Classification


Smart Segmentation


64-bit native handles larger images, faster


Histogram based segmentation


2D point-to-point measurements

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