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Natural Resources

Our dedicated image analysis solutions enable natural resources labs to find the critical answers they need faster.

From laboratory microscopes to submersible platforms to aerial photography, Image-Pro simplifies the capture and analysis of images from any source, so you can focus on finding the answers we need to better manage, preserve and protect the natural resources around us.

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Otolith Aging & Morphology

Fisheries & Aquaculture

Wildlife Population

Plant Disease

Remote Sensing &
Aerial Photography



Determining the number of plants in a field or a nursery provides important information on inventory and crop yields. Instead of counting by hand or making an estimate, determine specific numbers of plants and report them in a consistent fashion using a variety of Image-Pro’s agriculture image processing and analysis techniques.

Otolith Aging & Morphology Analysis

With a few simple steps, Image-Pro’s Otolith Apps will guide the user through the detection, measurement, and editing of otolith and scale growth lines. The annotated growth marks may be saved for documentation and the corresponding data may be included with an image analysis report or exported to Excel.

Image-Pro’s image processing and analysis capabilities, including Smart Segmentation and Fourier Descriptor, make it easy to accurately measure and quantify gross anatomic features of aquatic species. Image-Pro’s ability to acquire and organize large data sets enables scientists to conduct multi-year and multi-studies.

Based on an intuitive step-by-step workflow, Image-Pro allows the user to find, measure, and classify fish eggs. Once the workflow has been developed, it may be saved and recalled for future analysis sessions to both save time and ensure consistent experimental analysis.

Fisheries & Aquaculture

Even under difficult and challenging imaging conditions in the field, Image-Pro’s flexibility in the use of Machine Learning allows for the easy detection and analysis of juvenile fish.

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Images provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Fraser Sockeye

Wildlife Population Analysis

Wildlife management, such as the study of migratory birds, present unique opportunities to analyze populations in a fast and efficient manner.

The image analysis capabilities of Image-Pro when combined with automated image analysis have proven to provide time saving methods when analyzing a few images to hundreds of images at a time.

Plant Disease Analysis

The study of plant diseases is important in both agriculture and forestry applications. With Image-Pro’s sophisticated image analysis capabilities, including Smart Segmentation, disease areas can be readily analyzed.

The percentage of areas infected can be quickly generated and reported to an Excel data table or plant disease image analysis report.

Remote Sensing & Aerial Photography

Remote sensing and aerial photography provide a broad context of vegetation, river morphology, and other features. These features can be analyzed with Image-Pro, our remote sensing image analysis software that delivers intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your images and valuable data.


The scientific study of insects provides a challenge when imaging insect structure in detail. By adding the Capture Module and Live Extended Depth of Field (EDF) capabilities to your Image-Pro configuration, you can capture detailed, in-focus images successfully and efficiently.

When capturing large, out of depth of field images, Image-Pro offers the additional benefit of not requiring a motorized z-stepper.

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