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3D Visualization & Analysis

Powerful. Familiar. Reliable.

Advanced 3D Visualization and Analysis tools in a straightforward and familiar way

Perform complex analysis methods without learning a new platform.

Superior Visualization

3d stunning results with highlights

Axis Labels

Raw Data Renderings

Iso-Surface Renderings

Calibrated Grid

Directional Light Shadows

Orientation Axis

Calibration Marker

3d stunning results with highlights
3D/4D View

Visualize your 3D volumes or 4D time-lapse data in stunning high-resolution full-screen views.

Slicer View

Explore every voxel using this 2D projection mode that links the position of the 2D plane to a real 3D position on the integrated 3D view.

Synced Comparison

Sync any two data sets for side-by-side viewing, zooming, and panning. Even sync two different view types such as a 3D View and a Slicer View in real-time.

Gallery View

See every frame that makes up the volume in a gallery of thumbnails able to be scaled, edited, adjusted, or simply viewed in this mode.

Control What You See

Adjust lighting, appearance, surfaces on volumes, objects, and channels to display striking results.

Volume Adjustments

Blend, MIP, & Sum Projections

Overall Volume Transparency

Wireframe & Isosurface Renderings

Slice Density & Edge Coloring

Pseudo-Surface & Stereo Views

Object Parameters

LUT-based Spread & Opacity

Individual Object Specularity

Color Palette Editor & Presets

Light Sources & Shadows

Channel Parameters

Retain native channel coloring

Toggle or Blink each channel

Opacity weighted auto blending

Independent histogram edits

Channel extraction or Merging

Change Backgrounds

Change your background and apply gradient bleeding to create the highest possible contract between your data and the background.

Apply Shadows

Shadow Projections can produce shadows on 3 walls of the volume frame and accentuate the morphology and interaction of objects.

Adjust Lighting

Control your volume's light in two different directions with intensity, color, and angle adjustments.

Remove Regions

View the interactions of various materials by clipping away distracting or unnecessary regions using a Volume of interest.

3D Clipping Planes

Easy-to-use clipping tools let you select a clipping plane, orientation axis, and clipping priority, then traverse the axis, viewing 2D slices of any 3D image.

Adjust Orientation

Create any number of clipping planes and easily traverse the axis of orientation. Reveal what a 2D plane in any position looks like or turn clipping on to erase data before or after the plane.

Arrange Priority

Select any clipping plane in the 3D View Panel and move it above or below other clipping planes or 3D elements to adjust the clipping priority. Items on top clip all those below it, it’s as simple as that.

Key Frame Animations

Powerful animation tools enable the creation of realistic movies composed of complex movements & renderings. Hover to explore.

Remove material using a clipping plane for a reveal effect

Record Volumes, iso-surfaces, and object counts

Apply transparency to a range of intensities

Key-frame based timeline

Timeline zoom for making fine adjustments

Pre-loaded Templates

Circular Animation

Fly-Around Animation

See-Saw Animation

Custom Animations

Record camera position, angle, & zoom

Add & replace positions

Record volumes, surfaces, & object counts

Record Oblique or Ortho clipping planes

Improve quality with smoothing & anti-aliasing


Save & Load Animation

Paths for future use

Generate identical movies

Save as WMV, AVI, & MP4

Pre-loaded Templates
Custom Animations

Enjoy Stunning Results

Big Data Visualization

The Big Data Visualization extension converts the large datasets* captured by today’s high-volume imaging techniques to multi-resolution pyramidal formats for quick, easy visualization.

* File size is limited only by free storage space. See System Requirements.

Convert Terabyte-sized files

Visualize multi-resolution files

Convert files in the background

Conversion takes ~1 minute per GB or less

Measure and Analyze

Complex 3D Objects, Simplified.

Guided Segmentation is designed to enable the identification and measurement of any 3D Object using a simplified guided process that excels over current 3D segmentation techniques.

Generate Outlines

Use any 2D frame to define objects as unique collections of outlines. Name and color code them for clarity.

Z Propagation

Propagate the segmentation up or down through the stack, using Auto or Semi-Auto techniques and review the outlines for edits as needed.

Isosurface Creation

Automatically generate isosurfaces from your collection(s) of outlines. Measure volume, surface, intensity, and unique morphological object measurements.

Manual 3D Measurements

Measure isolated 3D objects using straightforward point-to-point tools when individual object geometry is needed.

Distance, Areas, Volumes

3D Centroids

Surface Area


Distance between objects

3D lengths from surface to center

3D lengths following along an object's surface

Centroids, Angles, Contours

3D Object Contours using 2D polylines on slices

X, Y, Z Size, Shape, Orientation and Intensities

X, Y, Z coordinates at any 3D location

Distance between objects, and merge/split

Relative Angles between lines

Relative Angles to reference vectors

Retain Quantitative Accuracy

Calibrated voxels based pm XY Spatial calibrations and Z-spacing calibration

All measurements are based on precise sub voxel accuracy

Automated 3D Analysis

Analyze 3D objects using histogram-based segmentation methods to easily calculate region dimensions, morphology, object count, intensity measurements, and more. Combine with the data collector and batch processing to analyze large amounts of data in just a few clicks.

Segment by Intensity

Use histogram-based methods to select your areas of interest, instantly highlighting them as 3D objects in the volume display. There is no limit to the number of segmentations you can perform, so even subtle variations in gray-scale or color can be separated for analysis.

Filter by Measurement

With any of the chosen measurements, create a histogram of your segmented regions and only keep what you find relevant, excluding the rest using multiple precise parameters such as a combination of morphology and intensity measurements.

Classify by Measurement

With any of the chosen measurements, create a histogram of your segmented regions and only keep what you find relevant, excluding the rest using multiple precise parameters such as a combination of morphology and intensity measurements.

Eliminate Objects Touching Image Border

In cases where you only want complete and intact volumes that are not cut off by the image stack’s borders, you can enable the clean borders setting to ignore these objects.

Object Appearance​

The appearance of each object is very important to accurate visualization so parameters for each object are able to be edited including color, transparency, and specularity.

Object Splitting & Merging​

It becomes necessary to split touching objects in many images, so we’ve provided both automatic watershed-based splitting techniques and a manual point-to-point-based splitting method to get the job done.​​

Object Naming and Coloring​

This makes it easier to keep track of “what’s what” by allowing you to give each object a unique name and color by editing the data table or simply double-clicking the object itself.

3D Data Management

Make the data work for you.

Set Data Collection

With the press of a button all the data from your table is compiled into Data Collector. You can even set it up to collect from all images automatically as they are measured.

Link Collected Data

For a multi-image experiment, collect large clusters of data from each image separately and retain the original links to understand how image groups compare and contrast.

Graph the Results

Use a variety of graph types for your data such as 2D and 3D scatterplots, histograms, block charts, and line graphs.

Choose from 60+ measurements to display in tables and graphs

Sort and Condense

Sort by measurements and adjust tables to only show the relevant data.

Group Results and View Statistics

Combine classes of similar objects into a custom hierarchy and see statistics per measurement for each grouped class.

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