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2D Automated Analysis

Fast. Accurate. Repeatable.

Efficient, automated
AI-powered Image Analysis

Everything you need to go from images to results with the most cutting-edge 2D image segmentation, intelligent classification, and comprehensive analytics. Use analysis tools in a free-form manner or choose to standardize your analysis with Protocols.

Analysis Protocols

Increase the reliability of your data using a growing library of standardized workflows that feel like they were designed just for you.

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Segmentation options

Depending on the image, you may need a different segmentation technique. Standard histogram-based, Machine Learning Smart Segmentation, or even AI Deep Learning may be the best option. Image-Pro offers a variety of techniques to choose from - meeting the needs of any challenge.

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Machine Learning Smart Segmentation

A capable technique that classifies pixels and builds a recipe based on user input. Simply select the pixels that should be a part of a class and click Count.

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AI Deep Learning Segmentation

A next generation segmentation technology that works similar to how the human brain finds objects, undeterred by by dim or complex edges. Simply load a Pre-Trained model and click Count for fast predictable results.

Ready to automate your analysis?

2D Tracking

Measure whatever you want over time.

Top features

Auto Find objects with Threshold Segmentation

Add Manual Tracks as needed

Define a reference track to base measurements on

Compare multiple tracks

Auto Split touching objects into independent tracks

Allow shared objects between tracks

Account for objects coming in and out of focus

Tracking measurement




Direction by angle & coordinates

Relative time

Objects Morphology over time

Data management

Choose from 144+ measurements to display in tables and graphs

Single-image data tables

Rename and adjust

Sort and condense

Group by measurement or class

View statistics

Multi-image collected data

Collect data automatically

Keep data linked to images

Group by image

Graph the results

Visualize your results

Block Tables
Line Graphs
Data Histograms
Scatter Plots
3D Plots
Pie Charts
Heat Maps

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