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Fiber Thickness

Researchers have been looking for an easier way to measure the widths of overlapping fibers. Most researchers end up manually measuring fibers – a process that is not only time consuming but can introduce inconsistencies.

Now, with the Image-Pro Fiber Thickness App, it is possible to measure and classify the thickness of overlapping fibers with one click.

The Fiber Thickness App is designed to measure both the thickness and orientation of fibers using optical or backscatter/secondary electron microscopy images. The app includes a simple user interface which guides the user through measuring fiber thickness in automatic or manual modes as required.

Developer: Media Cybernetics
Date Created:
June 2022

Industry Type: Materials Research
Size: 285 KB
Software Supported:
• Image-Pro v11
• Image-Pro v10
• Image-Pro v9.1-9.3

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