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Analysis Protocols

Delightfully Efficient Image Analytics

Increase the reliability of your data using a growing library of standardized workflows that feel like they were designed just for you.

Protocols make analysis standardized

Remove the variability of results between users or runs with a consistent repeatable process.

Guided steps

Analysis protocols make every workflow straight-forward. Three predictable steps take you from images to reproducible answers in no time.


AI Segmentation is available as an option for every Analysis Protocol and can make a significant difference in outline accuracy for many images.


All Analysis Protocols are ready to handle multi-image sets or folders with loose images, rapidly applying the analysis steps to every image.

Instant reports

Tailored reports are ready to be populated and customized for all Protocols. Simply check a box in the last step to automatically generate.

Protocols for your application

Combine a simplified workflow, AI-Powered segmentation, Machine Learning Classification and robust data analytics into intuitive image analysis.

*AI-Powered versions available

*AI-Powered versions available

What our customers have to say

The AI Deep Learning segmentation function provides an extremely flexible and efficient tool to segment features for sizing and counting. A variety of pre-trained models provide a solid foundation to build upon and modify to tailor your individual challenges. AI Deep Learning segmentation has greatly improved my efficiency with remarkable performance.

Dale K. Purcell, PhD

President at Chemical Microscopy LLC

Analyze at scale with batch process

Multi-Channel by Design

Analyze relationships between and across multiple channels, wells/sites, and regions seeding the results of one channel with those of another.

Customizable Across Similar Routines

Adjust settings and then save new versions of any Protocol to create your own customized Protocol. Custom name your channels, segmentations, and results.

Fast Analysis in Parallel

Multi-threaded processing runs analysis for multiple images in parallel across all available CPU Cores and does so without opening the images, speeding up the analysis.

Relevant Data at your Fingertips

Quick access to powerful relationship data in Data Collector tables, Graphs, Charts, and Custom reports auto-generated for each Protocol that is synced to the image overlays.

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