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The newest Image-Pro is loaded with features to boost measurement accuracy and increase your workflow efficiency.

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New in Image-Pro

Version 11.1

Ready-to-use Model Library

Don't train models from scratch. Save time by using Pre-Trained models from by our own application experts. Life Science and Materials models are now available.

User Friendly Training

If a Pre-Trained model needs some fine-tuning or if your images are unique, Image-Pro offers intuitive model training that anyone can master without instruction.

Superior Outline Accuracy

Image-Pro's integration of the most cutting edge Deep Learning architectures facilitates the most remarkably accurate segmentation outlines available.

Protocol Icon - General_reverse-XL

Analysis Protocols

Analysis Protocols are the best way to standardize your imaging routine and now they are even more efficient than before.

Works on Composite Images

Protocols now work on multi-channel composites and no longer extracts the mono channels to perform analysis. This speeds up analysis and removes the need to close unneeded images.

Improved Browser

The redesigned browser makes finding the perfect protocol a breeze. Start with a Predefined Version, make adjustments as needed and save as your own custom version.

AI Deep Learning Integrated​

AI Deep Learning is now an option when choosing the segmentation method. If licensed, pre-trained and self-trained models can be used for much more accurate segmentation.

New individual protocols

to use with AI Deep Learning Models

Materials EM
Cell Biology
Cell Biology Plus
Cell Biology EM

Other features

Improved Brush Tool

In-Product Notifications

New Light Sources

New packages

for Life Science​

AI-Powered Image Analysis for Research Microscopy​

See What's Included

for Materials

AI-Powered Image Analysis for Research Microscopy​

See What's Included
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NEW FEATURES v11.1 v11 v10 v9.1-9.3 v9 v7

AI Deep Learning Prediction & Training

Pre-Trained Deep Learning Models

Analysis Protocols powered by Deep Learning

Analysis Protocols powered by Machine Learning


Multi-Channel Capture


Real-Time Deconvolution for Capture


AutoQuant Deconvolution for 2D & 3D


3D Big Data Visualization Module


Network Licensing model


L*a*b Color Measurements


3D Visualization & Analysis Modules


Machine-Learning based Learning Classification


Smart Segmentation


64-bit native handles larger images, faster


Histogram based segmentation


2D point-to-point measurements


Does this new version support Windows 11?

Yes, Image-Pro v11.1 fully supports Windows 11 64-bit.

What are the System Requirements for this upgrade?
Please see our System Requirements page.
Will my settings be preserved during the upgrade?

Yes. Upon first start-up, you will be given the opportunity to import your previous settings.

Can I try the upgrade before replacing my old version?

Of course! We’d be happy to provide a trial license for you to experience Image-Pro v11.1. Contact us today to get started.

What if I currently have an Upgrade Protection Plan?
Upgrade protection plans are being replaced by the Professional and Ultimate Success Plans which include product upgrades along with unlimited technical support. You may continue to receive product upgrades on your existing Upgrade Protection Plan until it expires.

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