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AI Deep Learning

Remarkably Accurate. Delightfully Efficient.

Harness next generation Deep Learning technology to unlock image segmentation accuracy that you never thought possible.

Segment anything

with remarkable and dependable accuracy over Machine Learning techniques.

Deep Learning
Machine Learning

Overcome low contrast

Unhindered by clumping or unclear edges

Deep Learning
Machine Learning

Handle complex detail

Finds similar objects, not just intensities

Deep Learning
Machine Learning

Find unique patterns

Handles any shape of object or phase

Deep Learning
Machine Learning

Handle intricate detail

Unhindered by touching or overlapping objects

Superior outline accuracy

Even the most complicated edges can be traced with high quality. AI Models work similar to the human brain, finding objects undeterred by dim, complex edges.

User-friendly operation​

AI Deep Learning Segmentation requires minimal input to operate efficiently. Simple controls, limited options, and fast prediction results.​

Secure & confidential​

No uploading or downloading required. Save time and avoid sharing your data on unsecure company servers. All operations are on-device.​


Integrate Deep Learning Segmentation accuracy into an automated workflow by saving an Analysis Protocol with a custom or pre-trained model.

Ready-to-use model library

Benefit from an expanding library of pre-trained models
for a wide range of 2D image analysis applications

Don't see your application?

Check out the ever-expanding library of AI-powered solutions

What our customers have to say

The AI Deep Learning segmentation function provides an extremely flexible and efficient tool to segment features for sizing and counting. A variety of pre-trained models provide a solid foundation to build upon and modify to tailor your individual challenges. AI Deep Learning segmentation has greatly improved my efficiency with remarkable performance.

Dale K. Purcell, PhD

President at Chemical Microscopy LLC

Fine-tune any model

When a model misses a few objects of interest, simple "human-in-the-loop" training is needed


Find objects with an existing model


Label any missing objects


Train model to detect all objects

Looking for professional assistance?
We now offer training-as-a-service!

Expert-level model training

   Key Model training features

Restore points

Need a redo? No problem.
Restore to a previous training point.

Train from new

Start a model from scratch
and use your own images.

Model lock

Protect Models from being
edited once perfected.

Model import

Load models or labels
from the community.

Object size estimator

Tune in the model settings to
find the right object size faster.

Instance & Semantic

Look for objects or
simply classify pixels.

Made possible with cutting-edge technology

The Image-Pro Neural Engine™ is installed on-device to leverage Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) at scale, using a single intuitive user interface for model Prediction, Fine-tuning, and Training.

With a single platform, nearly any Neural Network can be added to bring the latest Deep Learning capabilities to Image-Pro. The current architectures available include: CellPose, StarDist, and BaseUNET.

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