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Media Cybernetics Announces the Latest Improvements To Our Image-Pro Premier Family of Products

 ROCKVILLE, MD, April 25, 2017 — Media Cybernetics is proud to announce the following improvements for the Image-Pro Premier Family of products (version 9.3.1).

  • Tiling Normalization functionality added to the tool bar ribbon
  • Improvements to the Pseudo-surface functionality in 3D
  • Optimization of the App Center to allow for faster downloads
  • Ability to load Guided Segmentation outlines from labeled images
  • Translation for Chinese Language for both guides and software
  • Many other improvements to increase functionality and overall performance of the Image-Pro Family of products

To implement these features, download the latest update to Image-Pro Premier and Image-Pro Premier 3D from the Media Cybernetics website.

Tiling Normalization

The integration of tiling normalization into the tool bar ribbon now provides Image-Pro Premier users the ability to easily address variations in the image brightness that results in a checkboard effect, but also address the unevenness that occurs across the image itself (See Figure 1, below).

Figure 1:  Before versus After Tiling Normalization

fig 1a fig 1b

 fig 1c The implementation will provide users additional functionality to easily auto-stitch an image regardless of the pattern in which the images were acquired and easily correct for variations of intensity in just a few clicks.

Pseudo-Surface Improvements

Developing high-contrast images for display in many software packages, requires the user to generate an iso-surface to render the effect that will display the relation of the facets of the image set. The issue with utilizing iso-surfaces to achieve the desired result is that it could require significant amounts of RAM to achieve the result.  Those systems with RAM deficiencies can result in longer processing times, reduced software reaction times when rotating or adjust the image in 3D space, and in some instances crashing. 

To avoid these issues Media Cybernetics has delivered improvements that would provide the same functionality in a pseudo-surface that is obtained from generating an iso-surface without the RAM requirements.

Figure 2:  Pseudo-Surface functionality in Image-Pro Premier 3D

fig 2  fig 2b


In addition, the Psuedo-Surface application in Image-Pro Premier 3D will also allow the user to control properties such as shininess, specular diffusion, and diffuse color components, but also add properties of the material to the image.  The user can now add to the surface control that would result in the image surface to resemble wood, glass, metal, or some other material of interest.

Optimization of App Center

Customers using Image-Pro Premier Products that are currently connected to the internet will now experience faster downloads when adding a new app to their platform. 

Customers that do not have internet access with Image-Pro Premier can still experience that same decrease in download time by going directly to the Media Cybernetics Website App Center to obtain the same increase in download rates.

Figure 3:  Media Cybernetics App Center

fig 1a 

Import from Label Image into 3D Volume

Label Image is a 2D image plane where every object of a different intensity level is individually labeled and an outline around each object is generated for .TIF or .AM files. Customers that have created outlines on the individual planes of the ZED-Stack image can generate a 3D Volume from the outlines generated on the individual planes.  Using a single click, customers can easily import the outlines from the label image and automatically generate the 3D projection of all the associated images. 

Figure 4:  Import from Label Image to 3D Volume

fig 4a  fig 4b

Image-Pro Premier is now available in Chinese

In addition to the current English and Japanese versions of Image-Pro Premier, Media Cybernetics is proud to announce that we have recently added Chinese to our latest release. 

 fig 5

To learn more about these and many other new features in version 9.3.1, visit our product updates page and search Image-Pro Premier / Image-Pro Premier 3D and version 9.3. 

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