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Media Cybernetics Introduces a New Brand Identity

MediaCy logo Square wShdwRockville, MD USA – May 24, 2016              Media Cybernetics, global image analysis leader, announces the introduction of a newly rebranded identity.  The new Media Cybernetics corporate branding reflects a results-driven revitalization for a company with a renewed focus on innovation in the world of imaging and image analysis. The rebranding components include a crisp, refreshed logo and a new web presence.

“I believe that the partnership that once existed in the imaging and image analysis market between organizations and customers has shifted to a market space of push product and forget,” stated Anthony Santerelli, director of product marketing.  “The changes we are making in our organization signify a resurgence that we are working for and with the customer to forward discovery and productivity.”

The new Media Cybernetics corporate identity is a modern, symbolic image that retains the iconic Media Cybernetics purple hue, but with the addition of a new forward-looking element of blue, representing a focus on innovation in the world of imaging through collaborative partnerships. Media Cybernetics collaboration with customers ultimately drives discovery, optimizes workflow, and increases efficiency. The symbol is an open cube that is deliberately detached from its three sides to represent unrestricted possibilities in imaging and business, forward-looking vision, and the breaking of today’s constraints in imaging technology.

“Rebranding a company with such a rich history is a delicate decision,” explained Nick Beavers, general manager at Media Cybernetics, “evaluating our vision against our current corporate image, it became clear that the current branding did not represent all the activities happening within Media Cybernetics. Simply put, we wanted our new outward image to reflect the many positive internal changes that have and will be transpiring within our organization.”

To better support and communicate the renewed philosophy, Media Cybernetics also introduces a reorganized and enhanced website at  The site strengthens the company’s customer-focused identity by making it easier for new and existing customers to locate product information and support materials such as publications, training videos, and webinars.  The site will also host a blog that will enable customers to share their expertise in media products and services.   

“We are creating new and impactful content for the site that our users will find valuable, enabling them to get more out their imaging experience,” stated Stephen Hart, marketing and communications manager at Media Cybernetics.

The refreshed corporate image is already visible throughout all of Media Cybernetics printed materials and communications.  The updated company website is LIVE and available for customers and partners.

With over 35 years’ experience in the field of imaging and image analysis, Media Cybernetics is unparalleled in the provision of solutions. Media Cybernetics prides itself on developing a wide range of customizable and automated tools and has developed such products as Image-Pro Plus, Image-Pro Premier, AutoQuant, and the new Image-Pro Premier 3D. Partnering with researchers and users across the world to provide the highest quality products, results have been delivered to empower imaging experts by providing innovative solutions that extract answers to the most challenging imaging industry questions.

Media Cybernetics develops image analysis software products that simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis for those who wish to increase accuracy and automate research, development, and quality processes. Customer applications range from cell biology and neuroscience research in the life sciences, to quality inspection of metals, ceramics and semiconductors in manufacturing, to materials research on particles, coatings, and fibers, to research of natural resources such as oil and gas, aquaculture samples, and minerals, and lastly the analysis of fingerprints, ballistics, and trace evidence for security applications.  In addition to their Maryland headquarters, the company maintains regional offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, China and Japan. 

Media Cybernetics is a subsidiary of Roper Technologies, a constituent of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and the Russell 1000 indices valued at over $20 billion.

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