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Media Cybernetics releases Image-Pro Premier 3D 9.2

Rockville, MD USA – June 23, 2016    Media Cybernetics, global image analysis leader, announces the introduction of its latest release of Image-Pro Premier 3D, version 9.2.  As the newest addition of Media Cybernetics’ family of image analysis products, Image-Pro Premier 3D 9.2 delivers customers a simplified platform for next level 2D and 3D image analysis. 

“There has been a lot of effort put into making the product easier to use, load and analyze bigger, more complex and more diverse data sets while also introducing state of the art presentation tools targeted at a global audience with the release of the first localized versions for China and Japan”, stated Pierre Duchene, Engineering Manager at Media Cybernetics.

Premier 3D heroshot 164kbMedia Cybernetics has worked directly with customers in the Life Science and Materials Research fields over the past year to develop the most meaningful new features necessary for sophisticated 2D or 3D image analysis. The focus for the latest release was on improving the analysis for multi-channel fluorescent image sets and electron microscopy samples. By working more closely with customers, Media Cybernetics has been able to transform the way users extract valuable data from these samples and address market needs at large in a way that has rarely been seen with other products.

“In today’s world of instant communication it was important for Media Cybernetics to build a system capable of sending customer feedback directly from the software to Media Cybernetics developers”, stated Anthony Santerelli, Director of Global Marketing.  “Therefore we engineered useful new tools that allow customers to request new features or report issues effortlessly while sitting at the system, removing the cumbersome transfer of information to another computer for sending emails to your local support rep.”

For further information on Image-Pro Premier 3D 9.2 and the other Media Cybernetics products please go to and register to join the Media Cybernetics community.

Media Cybernetics develops image analysis software products that simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis for those who wish to increase accuracy and automate research, development, and quality processes. Customer applications include cell biology and neuroscience research in the life sciences, quality inspection of metals, ceramics and semiconductors in manufacturing, and materials research on particles, coatings, and fibers. Further applications include the research of natural resources such as oil and gas, aquaculture samples, and minerals, in addition to the analysis of fingerprints, ballistics, and trace evidence for security applications. While founded and based in their Maryland headquarters, the company maintains regional offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, China and Japan to service the needs of the global imaging community.  

Media Cybernetics is a subsidiary of Roper Technologies, a constituent of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and the Russell 1000 indices valued at over $20 billion.

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