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Media Cybernetics Releases AutoQuant X3.0.4

May 14, 2015 – Rockville, MD – Media Cybernetics announces the release of the AutoQuant X v3.0.4 deconvolution software. 

This upgrade for AutoQuant X v3.0.4 includes the following new features and improvements:

NEW Measured-only modality labels 
(STED, Structured Illumination, Light Sheet)


  • New modality labels identify Measured-only and Theoretical PSFs options
  • STED, Structured Illumination, Light Sheet, and Other modality labels added for set metadata
  • Corrected PSF centering error at high SA values
  • Resolved time-lapse deconvolution error introduced in 3.0.3

Enhanced Performance of Numerous Batch Processing Related Tasks

Batch Processing

  • New context menu options to speed up workflow (e.g., “Paste Settings and Launch”)
  • Mass loading of datasets now works in the background – Results in less waiting to start Batch
  • Corrected copying of PSF settings between datasets

Quickly assign settings to Batch jobs while datasets are still loading

File I/O

  • Added write support for Bitplane IMS 5.5 file format
  • Added read support for Zeiss CZI file format
  • Provided support for loading of AutoQuant CONNECT files in File Open dialog
  • Fixed several metadata and frame loading issues across multiple formats


  • Re-organized help file contents
  • Incorporated training guide for most-used features
  • Updated AQX Quick Start Guide

Request a demonstration of AutoQuant X v3.0.4 today

About AutoQuant Software
AutoQuant is the life science industry’s leading image deconvolution software. Retrieve better data from your images using the most complete suite of 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available, including the industry’s best blind deconvolution algorithm. Microscopy experts worldwide trust AutoQuant for the accuracy and beauty of its stunning quantitative results, while newcomers to the product love the user-friendly workflow and intuitive interface that helps make learning a breeze.

About Media Cybernetics
Founded in 1981, Media Cybernetics develops image informatics solutions to automate research, development, and quality control processes in life science and industry. The company’s products simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis to increase the accuracy and productivity of its customers. For more information about Media Cybernetics, visit

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