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Technology Partners

Maximizing Innovation & Customer Success

Media Cybernetics works closely with a global network of technology partners to enhance solutions with complementary technologies and services, expanded sales and marketing support and greater product interoperability. Customers worldwide benefit from our partnerships with leading technology companies who build cutting-edge software and hardware solutions.

What Type of Partner Are You?

Use the Image-Pro Driver Development Kit (DDK) to support a variety of devices

To promote maximum innovation and customer success, Media Cybernetics works closely with a network of global technology partners. This collaboration enhances our solutions with complementary technologies and services.

Jump start development with wizard-driven code template generation

Add custom controls and select GUI location and style

Support common methods of image data transfer such as callbacks, threading with events, and full camera SDK controlled transfer

Utilize the Image-Pro Platform API to support your imaging system

Quickly develop light weight Apps to access built-in controls

Create embedded plug-ins to bridge your system to our platform

We collaborate to support partner file formats and assist with supporting our own

Work with us to support your file format with custom meta data

Handle single images or complex sets in Image-Pro and/or AutoQuant

Establish software-to-software connections to send images, metadata, controls, and measurement data automatically

Connect to your product without ever launching the GUI (Graphic User Interface) to run image processing or segmentation processes

Send images and metadata between products so the customer can focus on the science, not the complexity of file management

Why Partner with Media Cybernetics?

Everyone wins. We love collaborating with key partners to bring a unique value to customers.

Image-Pro is the #1 image analysis software brand in leading research journals

AutoQuant Deconvolution is the industry’s preferred deconvolution standard

The imaging platform is designed to work with partners and easily integrate at any level

Our team of experts are skilled developers with a proven process, ready to help

Get featured in our partner portal and gain access to our vibrant partner community

Take the opportunity to present and train during regular partner success webinars

Talk to partners in areas of the world where you have no representation

We are happy to promote and feature your business every way we can

You’ll gain a prime location on our website for everyone to see

Co-marketing is wonderful way to promote our new partnership and competitive advantage

Leverage our powerful imaging platform to enhance your software offering

Utilize our excellent technical resources to integrate, support, or connect with our products

Connect to Image-Pro without ever launching the GUI to accomplish seamless tasks

Let's Do Something Great Together

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