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Media Cybernetics releases Image-Pro Premier 2D 9.2

Rockville, MD USA – July 5, 2016   Media Cybernetics (, global image analysis leader, announces the release of the all new Image-Pro Premier 2D, version 9.2. Media Cybernetics is proud to release the latest developments to Image-Pro Premier 9.2, including:

  • Startup time performance now yields 3x faster startup over v9.1
  • A new feedback tool has been added to report issues or request enhancements easily and conveniently from within the application
  • Japanese is now included as an additional system language, allowing the system to be launched in either English or Japanese
  • A new dark mode color scheme was added for easier viewing in low light environments
  • Now available with or without Capture module
  • Easily upgrade to 3D Analysis

“The latest release of Image-Pro Premier 9,2 delivers on ease of use and improved workflow for the users” said Anthony Santerelli, director of product marketing at Media Cybernetics.  “In addition, developing it for new markets is showing the commitment of Media Cybernetics’ global presence and growth.”

Customers who currently have Image-Pro Premier can take advantage of these new features with this free upgrade.

For further information on Image-Pro Premier 2D 9.2 and other Media Cybernetics products please go to and register to join the Media Cybernetics community.

Media Cybernetics develops image analysis software products that simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis for those who wish to increase accuracy and automate research, development, and quality processes. Customer applications include cell biology and neuroscience research in the life sciences, quality inspection of metals, ceramics and semiconductors in manufacturing, and materials research on particles, coatings, and fibers. Further applications include the research of natural resources such as oil and gas, aquaculture samples, and minerals, in addition to the analysis of fingerprints, ballistics, and trace evidence for security applications. While founded and based in their Maryland headquarters, the company maintains regional offices in the United Kingdom, Singapore, China and Japan to service the needs of the global imaging community. 

Media Cybernetics is a subsidiary of Roper Technologies, a constituent of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and the Russell 1000 indices valued at over $20 billion.

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