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Media Cybernetics Releases the New Image-Pro Insight 9 Image Analysis Software

All New Image-Pro® Insight 9 Empowers a Diverse User Base Across Fields and Industries

November 26, 2014 – Rockville, MD – Media Cybernetics announces the release of the powerful, all new Image-Pro Insight 9 image analysis software designed for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing.

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This software features a simplified image capture interface with enhanced tools and functionalities that intuitively control a comprehensive and expanding list of supported commercial cameras. For example, the newly implemented High Dynamic Range (HDR) tool enables users to more faithfully capture the widest range of intensity present during image acquisition using any supported device. 

Originally designed to meet the needs of users with image processing and analysis of intermediate complexity, Insight now empowers them to take on more advanced tasks. Users have access to a set of measurement tools with automated capabilities such as the inter-object distance measurement, which can be routinely used to measure features’ thickness in diverse applications. The automated one-click selection, segmentation and measurement of objects and features are now enabled with Magic Wand tool and enhanced with several semi-automated editing functionalities.

Image-Pro Insight 9 is loaded with advanced features that our customers are going to love,” said Nick Beavers, Media Cybernetics’ Global Sales and Marketing manager. “This major revamping of Image-Pro® Insight focuses both on improved user productivity and enhanced capabilities,” he adds. The newly added prompts, warnings, and visual cues minimize user error and accelerate workflow. These include non-calibrated images, image magnification and zoom levels, and dynamic feedback during measurement drawing, among others. Designed to be easily deployed as a multiple-user platform both in industrial and academic settings, Insight’s intuitiveness shortens the learning curve. “We are grateful for the invaluable feedback from our customers, our dealers and our community of beta testers, and can’t wait to get this product in the hands of all of our customers,” Nick remarks. 

As does every Media Cybernetics customer, Image-Pro Insight 9’s users will enjoy the industry-leading customer support and free training resources. Visit the Insight product page to request a free, downloadable, 14-day trial version of Image-Pro Insight 9.

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About Media Cybernetics
Founded in 1981, Media Cybernetics develops image informatics solutions to automate research, development, and quality control processes in life science and industry. The company’s products simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis to increase the accuracy and productivity of its customers. For more information about Media Cybernetics, visit

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