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Updated Photometrics Capture Interface 7.0.3 for Image-Pro Software

January 28, 2014 – Media Cybernetics continues to offer exceptional support for its hardware partners by releasing the Photometrics Capture Interface v. 7.0.3

This capture interface is necessary for Image-Pro software products to communicate with Photometrics cameras. This version is compatible with Windows XP Professional (SP3) 32-bit and Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate (SP1) 32 & 64-bit operating systems.

Fully Supported Cameras Include: CoolSNAP EZ, CoolSNAP HQ2, CoolSNAP MYO, Evolve 512, QuantEM 512C, Rolera MGi Plus, Rolera Thunder.

Beta Supported Cameras Include: Cascade 128+ (PCI Card), Cascade 1K (PCI Card), Cascade II, CoolSNAP K4.

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